6 reasons flowers are the best gift for anyone

Flowers have been a gift that has been bestowed on people since Aphrodite. Flowers are a great gift for someone who is in need of something special. Ever thought about that?

Let us help you get a little more organized with your weekly philosophic circle. We give you six reasons why we have an instinct to give flowers to our loved ones and family members in their special moments.


There are many varieties and types of flowers. Each flower has its own subspecies.

Flowers are a unique gift because you can spend time finding the right flower and colour for the recipient and then create a personalized gift that can be changed according to the occasion.


Floriography is the language that flowers use to communicate their meanings. This allows secret messages to be sent to the person who received the flowers.

It is fascinating that we can keep a secret vocabulary, fall in love and send red roses to our loved ones, and even know what colour to send flowers to a birthday depending on their age or relationship. Even flowers can be used as a way to ask for forgiveness or ask for a second chance.

This article will explain more about Floriography and give you a list and meanings of the various flowers.


Flowers never go out of fashion, regardless of the time period. They can be used for any occasion at any age and any time of the day. Flowers will always make us feel good.

Birthdays, baptisms (graduation), weddings and funerals are all occasions that can use flowers as an offering for those who have already left the plane.

You can also give it away without reason for friendship or love, to reconquest, for forgiveness, or for friendship. You are more likely than not to be held responsible for your mistakes if you send flowers.


The flowers can be accompanied almost by any element you think of, such as chocolates and teddy bears. It is also possible to combine flowers with balloon arrangements. There are endless possibilities for what you can do to a bouquet.

As the gift adds emotion, you could make a jewelry case or have a hearty breakfast. Our article “More than 20 Beautiful Flowers paired with Gifts” will give you some creative ideas for surprising people with herbs. Innovative and creative ideas

Take charge and combine the flowers for a gift that adds value.


Giving flowers is like adding an ornament to the home of the person receiving them. Flowers bring joy to anyone. You can’t do better than to send good vibes your way by placing a bouquet full of fresh flowers in your favorite spot.

Fresh flowers come in bright colors and, in many cases emit wonderful smells. Therefore, you can set up your environment naturally and without resorting to artificial deodorants.


Fresh flowers not only bring joy to the home by bringing a nice view and an aroma, but scientific research also shows a variety of properties and benefits.

They help to remove contaminants from our oxygen, improve our concentration at work and make us recover faster from a illness.

For more information, see our article “Giving flowers and receiving flowers have health benefits according science”. This article contains detailed research. This is in addition to understanding the psychology behind Flowers.

The best florists in Pretoria if you want to send the best gift.

How to invest in REITs

It is a popular way to gain exposure to the housing market by investing in shares of real-estate investment trusts (REITs). Learn how to invest in REITs and speculate on their price movements.

REITs explained

A real estate investment trust (or REIT) is a company that purchases income-producing real property assets. These trusts allow individual investors or other companies to pool their funds together to purchase properties and make a profit from any increase in value.

REITs are modeled after mutual funds, but instead of investing stocks, they invest in properties.

In 1960, the US established REITs. They were later introduced to South Africa in the hopes that they would encourage speculation and growth in the real estate sector. This decision was so popular that many major property-related companies were listed as REITs.

Types of REIT

REITs in South Africa are often specialized in one type of real property asset or a particular sector. However, they can broadly be divided into two categories: equity (or mortgage)

These funds own physical properties and are called equity REITs. They make their income by leasing the space out and collecting rent. Dividends are then paid to shareholders. Equity REITs can be public traded and include companies that are involved in commercial, residential, or hospitality real property.

There is another type REIT in the US: mortgage REITs or mREITs. These funds invest in mortgage-backed securities or mortgage-backed mortgages. They don’t own the property, but the debt that goes with it. These investments generate income for them through the interest rates.

Why should you invest in REITs

It is important to remember that REITs allow investors access assets that may otherwise be unaffordable. Property might not be practical for an individual investor, but a group of investors or companies makes it more feasible.

REITs are also popular because they are often publicly traded companies. This means that they can be listed on national stock exchanges where they can be purchased and sold in the same manner as traditional shares. Market participants decide the value of REIT shares throughout the day. This means investors and traders can both profit from price movements.

Because they can offer long-term returns in a similar manner to publicly traded companies, REITs are a popular choice. Because there are potential profits from price movements as well as dividends paid to investors, REITs must legally pay at least 90% of their rental income.

Payday loan: What you should know

Sometimes, your finances aren’t enough to permit you to get through the month. Even with a careful budget and unexpected expenses such as repairs to your car or a doctor’s bill can cause you to struggle to put the money together to pay your bills. When you’re in a bind and require additional cash to get until the next payday, you might look into getting a payday loan. Payday loans are marketed as the ideal solution for such a situation and are the most obvious option.

Payday loans aren’t the low-cost and convenient options that many people think they are. In this article, we’ll explain the reasons Payday loans in South Africa usually come at high price and are best avoided. We will then discuss alternatives.

What is a payday loan?

Payday loans are short-term, non-secured loans that can be utilized to access funds quickly to get you through your month. The loans are usually paid back within a few weeks. Following that, the repayment amount is taken from your account.

The cost of a payday LEND

Since payday loans are a small amount paid back soon after they’re taken out, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the payday loan isn’t any risk. These loans have greater interest rates and charges than any other loan type, which makes them very expensive. South Africa’s borrowers may be charged rates of up to 5 percent per month. This might not seem like much. Add in administration fees and you could be spending more than R400 in interest and fees on a R2000 loan.

Payday loans are not the best solution for cash flow issues. This is particularly relevant if you are facing financial difficulties. You’ll be putting yourself in a worse financial position by taking out another loan. The cost of the loan will rise, leading you to be in debt. In fact, if you had a number of debit orders before you took out the payday loan, the loan can drain the money that you set aside for another debit order. A debit that is rejected will almost certainly affect your credit score and could make loans in the future more expensive.


If you absolutely need money, taking out a personal loan may cost less than a payday loan. In contrast to payday loans that have a fixed interest rate and are geared to the needs and risk of the individual borrower. So, if you are in the middle or have an above average credit score and you are able to repay the loan, a personal one will probably work out cheaper. Of course it’s important to determine the total cost of a loan before accepting one, and you should be careful to only take out a loan from a reputable lender who can score you accurately and ensure that you get the most suitable loan for your needs.


It’s always better not to require a loan for an indefinite period. This means that you must ensure that you’re able to pay for your expenses even when faced with emergency expenses. This isn’t an easy job. South Africans have any kind of savings, even though it’s essential to have an emergency fund for that inevitable raining day. To avoid this situation that you’re left with only a few dollars remaining at the end of the month to cover unexpected expenses, you need to revise your budget so that you can start saving for an emergency fund.

Are smoothies good for you

Smoothies are easy to make, and kids love them. Blending or juicing fruit exposes the natural sugars in the cells. This converts sugars to ‘free sugars’ which we are advised not to consume.

The addition of sugar to your diet can cause dental decay, excess calories, and a rapid increase in blood sugar. You should eat your smoothies with other foods, especially at mealtimes. It is also a good idea to limit the amount of glass you drink. Smoothies and juices do not count towards your 5-a-day regardless of how many fruits or vegetables are used or how many glasses you consume.

Is there any difference between homemade and store-bought products?

Many smoothies purchased in shops contain less nutritious ingredients, such as juices and fruit purees. These purées concentrate sugars while removing many nutritional benefits of whole fruits such as fiber, phyto-nutrients and vitamins. Shop-bought smoothies may also come in larger sizes than the 150ml serving size. These smoothies contain added nutrients such B vitamins, vitamins C and vitamin E.

Homemade smoothies are rich in fibre, and they can be enjoyed immediately, since they’re fresh made.

Which fruit should you use?

Some nutrients, such vitamin C, may be comparable or even higher in vegetables and fruits that were frozen at harvest than their fresh equivalents. The body can convert beta-carotene to vitamin A by freezing, but it may be reduced. However, this will depend on the specific fruit or vegetable.

It doesn’t really matter whether you opt for fresh or frozen fruits in your fruit smoothie. Both count towards your 5-a-day. Frozen produce can also be used to increase your child’s daily food intake. Frozen produce is a great option for those times when it’s not possible to go to the grocery store.

Which fruit is best to make smoothies with?

Mixing fruits and vegetables can help reduce the sugar content in homemade smoothies. Fruits with stones, such as berries, peaches and plums as well as citrus fruits like kiwi, avocado, and citrus fruits are all lower in sugar. These can be combined with leafy greens such as spinach and kale as well as celery and cucumber.

How often should you drink smoothies Smoothies are a part of a balanced meal plan. But, be mindful to eat lower sugar fruits and emphasize fresh or frozen produce. Consider adding yogurt, kefir, or milk to your diet. Also, consider healthy fats like avocado, seeds, and nuts. Adults and children should eat no more than one smoothie per day.

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Retirement Annuity

Beginning your journey to save for retirement is the initial and most important first step to creating an investment portfolio. Unfortunately, many South Africans are not saving enough for retirement and it is commonly reported that, at present, only 6% of South-Africans can comfortably retire. Your retirement plan is one of your most important decisions.

As George Foreman said: “The problem isn’t about when I would like to retire, but at what level of income.”

A retirement annuity can be an excellent investment to have in your portfolio.

Annuities for retirement are a great way to fund retirement savings and provide a range of tax advantages. You can contribute a maximum of 27.5 percent of your earnings or salary that is tax deductible (capped at R350 000 p.a.) to retirement funds like a retirement annuity (RA) and enjoy tax savings on your taxable income. The growth in your retirement annuity’s investments (dividends and interest) is tax-free.

It also allows you to save for retirement by being disciplined. Annuities for retirement cannot be used before the age of 55. However there are some exceptions that permit access to the annuities earlier, e.g. in the case of permanent disability/emigration. You can make lump sum payments such as a debit order or even ad hoc contributions.

How do you take out the retirement fund you have in your account?

When you retire the first one-third of the total amount can be taken as a cash lump sum, unless the total value of the investment is less than R247 500, in which case it is deemed an amount of cash. The first R500 000 in an unintentional withdrawal in the event that you’ve never previously taken a cash withdrawal from a retirement account, is tax-free. The remainder of the amount of the fund must be used to buy an annuity in the future, which will give you a regular income subject to tax if appropriate.

Specific regulations apply to retirement annuities. The Pension Funds Act sets limits on the underlying investments that you are able to invest in. Regulation 28 prohibits investments in certain asset classes and is intended to stop investors from taking too high a risk in their retirement funds. There are various asset restrictions, including the maximum amount of exposure to 75% to equity, 40% in foreign equity (incl. Africa) 30 percent in foreign equity (excl. Africa), and 25% in property.

It is important to structure the allocation of your investment depending on your age and risk tolerance. A cautious approach to investing at an early age could be as harmful to your future as investing too aggressively towards retirement. The Easy Equities RA is an excellent choice for retirement annuities.

Debt Review:

  • An affordable monthly budget
  • Restructuring debts to only one monthly repayment
  • All communication with Credit Providers will be taken over
  • For reduced payments, negotiate with credit providers
  • Legal protection

An affordable monthly budget

Your debt counselor will help you create a budget that is affordable and a debt repayment plan that suits your needs. Your debt counsellor will provide advice and guidance to help you manage your finances so that you can avoid long-term debt.

Restructuring of debts

Your designated debt counselor will assist you in restructuring your debts. Only one monthly payment is required to a payment distribution agent, which will pay all creditors on your behalf. You will be able pay your monthly debts and still have enough money to cover your daily expenses. Including your bond.

Communication with credit providers

You are not required to contact your credit providers while under debt review. All further communication will be handled by your debt counsellor.

Negotiating with credit suppliers

Your debt counselor will work with credit providers to extend the terms of your debt repayments. This will lower the amount that you have to pay each month towards your debt. This will allow you to afford your living expenses.

Legal protection

Your creditors may threaten you with legal action if you are placed under debt review. The NCA protects you during debt review. This means creditors can no longer harass you and should not communicate any further with you. All legal issues will be handled by your debt counsellor.

What is a Payday Loan?

Payday loans are short-term, unsecured loans that allow you to quickly access money when you have an emergency. These loans are typically repaid within a few weeks. After that, the repayment amount is taken from your account.


Payday loans are a short-term loan that is repaid quickly. This can make it easy to believe that they don’t pose a high risk. These loans come with higher interest rates and fees than any other loan type, which makes them very costly. South Africa’s borrowers may be charged interest rates of up to 5% per month. This might not seem like much. Add in administration fees and you can end up paying more than R400 in interest and fees on a R2000 loan.

These loans have higher interest rates and fees than any other loan type.

A payday will not solve your cashflow problems due to the high cost. This is especially true if you are already in financial trouble. You will be putting yourself in a worse financial position by taking out another loan. Your expenses will only go up, putting you at risk for more financial stress. If you have had multiple debit orders prior to taking out your payday loan the repayments could drain your account funds, which you may have saved for another debit order. A bounced debit order will almost certainly mark your credit history and make future loans more expensive.


A personal loan might be cheaper than a payday loan if you really need the money. Personal loans can be tailored to meet the individual needs of borrowers, unlike payday loans which have fixed interest rates. A personal loan is more affordable if your credit score is above or below average. It is important to calculate the cost of the loan before you accept it. You should also be sure to only borrow money from responsible lenders who will accurately score you and offer the best loan possible for your circumstances.


It’s better not to need a short-term loan . This means that you must ensure that you have enough cash even when faced with emergency expenses. This is not an easy task. South Africans don’t have much savings. However, it is important to save money for the inevitable rainy day. This will prevent you from falling into a situation where you don’t have enough money at the end to cover unexpected expenses.


Although not all strategies are applicable to you, you could save thousands of dollars each year by implementing a few.


Now I can hear my grandmother:

“If you don’t ask, you won’t know!”

She was correct. This tip saved me many thousands of dollars, and counting.

There are two possible approaches to this problem:

Act proactiv

You can call a vendor that you regularly pay for such things as trash service, cell phone carriers, cable TV, and cell phone carriers. You can thank them for their great service, and then ask for a discount.

It will take just five minutes. A five minute phone call can save you thousands of dollars over the years.


This is not an attempt to avoid paying for the service you have used.

This is illegal. It is also illegal. Do not do it.

We have been notified and are now awaiting a bill.

Yesterday my wife received a $500 bill for a test that she had agreed to take. Contrary to what she was informed, insurance didn’t cover this expense.

My wife wanted to pay the bill, and then move on. I suggested she phone me to explain her misunderstanding and ask politely for a discount.

The results?

They got $300 off

How many times have your missed a call due to being too busy? You could be missing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Noah Kagan actually made $2,000 just by asking one question.

What is the worst outcome?

Absolutely nothing!

This is one of my favourite money-saving strategies. There’s no downside risk and unlimited upside.


Some people can’t let go of their expensive cars when it comes to savings money. That’s fine, as long as your financial plan is not in danger.

It is more cost-effective to purchase than to lease if the goal is to save money.

You want a reliable used car that you can maintain for the long-term.


You won’t be paying a car loan if you pay your auto loans.

However, leasing means that you won’t own your vehicle. Monthly payments will be made towards an asset that is losing value every minute.

A lease exchange service is a great option if you are stuck in a contract and want to get out.

Bottom line: If you want to save money, get rid of your lease and buy a used car with low miles.


Budgeting is often the focus of all attention. However, tracking your spending is the secret to saving money that no one talks about. I have found that the most financially successful people know exactly where each penny goes every month.

You can make informed decisions when you know where your money is going.

Knowledge is power.

Is this good or bad?

It depends!

Golf is very important to me. To maintain my golf expenses, I am willing to sacrifice in other areas.

My wife and I decided, however, that $3,000 per annum spent on cable TV was not meaningful.

We were able to reduce our bill by more than 60% with this knowledge.

You don’t know where your money goes if you don’t keep track of your expenses. This makes it difficult to know where and how to save money.

This is a 3-step process to track your expenses and save money.

  • Choose a tracking system that suits you. You could use Mint, YNAB or our free fillable spreadsheet.
  • Keep track of your expenses for at least three months. Do not make judgments about your spending or rush to make changes. Keep track.
  • Take action and review your options. This knowledge will allow you to start by identifying the highest cost first, and then determine if it aligns with your goals. If it is not, you should take action.

We were concerned that this exercise could slip through the cracks so my wife and me hired a bookkeeper who would track our expenses. We meet every quarter to review our finances and to discuss any changes or goals.

It is important to develop a repeatable, reliable system that works for your business. Keep at it, and you will see magic happen.


Is it worth spending money to have fun? Sometimes, it does.

To get to a concert you must pay and no one is giving away free food.

There are many ways to have fun, even if you don’t have the money.

You can save money by setting aside $0 per month for entertainment. You can have as much fun as you like without spending money.

These are some great free entertainment ideas that will get you started.

  • Learn yoga on YouTube
  • Find Meetup groups that match your interests
  • Register for free trial to try the various streaming services
  • Play a board game, or the daily NY Times Crossword Puzzle mini!
  • You can start a small garden using seeds from your local seed sharing program

There are many ways to save money while still having fun. Don’t be fooled by anyone.

Food History

Food Any substance that provides nutritional support to an organism. Food can be of animal, plant, or fungal origin and includes essential nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. An organism ingests the substance and its cells absorb it to produce energy, sustain life, or stimulate growth. Different animals have different feeding habits that meet their individual metabolisms. These behaviours are often designed to fit specific ecological contexts.

Food for Humans

Omnivores are adaptable and can find food in many ecosystems. Humans have always had two main ways to obtain food: hunting and gathering, and agriculture. Humans settled in agriculture as a lifestyle, influenced by their geographic location and the agricultural opportunities available. Many cuisines and culinary arts have been created due to cultural and geographic differences. International trade and globalization have made it easier for ingredients to be available from other cultures, leading to a more diverse exchange of food traditions and practices.

The Development of Food

The majority of food energy needed by an ever-increasing global population is provided by the industrial food sector. This industry produces food using intensive agriculture and distributes it via complex food processing and distribution systems. The conventional agricultural system relies heavily upon fossil fuels. This means that 37% of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the food and agriculture system. [1] The global response to climate changes requires mitigation measures that address the carbon intensity and food waste.

The food system has significant effects on many other social and political issues, including sustainability, biodiversity, economics and population growth. Water supply and access to food are also important. The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which recognizes the “right to food” as a human right, also acknowledges the “right to a decent standard of living, including sufficient food” and the “fundamental right not to be hungry”. Food security is an important international policy priority because of these fundamental rights. For example, Sustainable Development Goal 2 “Zero Hunger” is intended to end hunger by 2030. International agencies such as the International Association for Food Protection and the World Resources Institute monitor food safety and security. They also have oversight over the Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Food Information Council.

What is Car Insurance?

Car coverage covers you and other drivers while your vehicle is being driven. Car insurance can help you pay for third party costs in the event that you cause damage, injury, or death.

Some policies will pay for repairs or reimbursement of stolen or written-off cars.

Depending upon your policy, you might be covered while driving another person’s car.

What happens to my car if I don’t own insurance?

The rising cost of fuel, and the high cost of living make car insurance a significant expense. In certain countries, like the UK where car insurance is mandatory for all drivers, it can be legal.

Let’s imagine you’re driving happily along your route, your car uninsured. And then you get in an accident. If the other driver was not at fault, and you aren’t covered by their insurance, you may be able to collect money from them. For uninsured drivers, you could sue for damages.

If you were at fault for the accident, all the passengers in the vehicle you struck can seek compensation or take your assets. This can include your savings, a part of your paycheck, and possibly even more depending on the extent of damage. Insurance premiums for your future insurance will be higher for you than for someone similar to you.

It’s possible that cancelling your insurance, or even not taking out any, is still a way to save some money.

What type of insurance do I need for my car?

There are three levels available in car insurance: third party; third person, fire and steal; and complete coverage. The links will take you directly to videos explaining each cover.

How do you determine the cost of your car insurance?

To find the best deal, compare policies from several insurance companies. While it can take some time to do so, the upside is that you will be able to save significant money.

You will pay more for car insurance if you have a specific make and type of vehicle, the location you live in, the security of the parking spaces you use (home and work), and your demographics. Also, you can influence the premium calculation by determining how your claims history and your claims history. Check out this link to see if speeding tickets could increase your car-insurance premium.

What is excess?

An excess is by definition the initial amount that you will be liable for in an insurance claim being settled. It is normally paid to the repairing agency responsible for your automobile after an collision. The excess is paid to them after the damage is repaired and before the vehicle can be driven away.

This amount is paid to you regardless of who caused the damage. This process is in place to prevent customers submitting fraudulent or minor claims.

Advice: Paying a higher excess will reduce your premium when you compare car insurances. A small claim is not worth the risk. To get a no-claim discount/ bonus, you should pay for repairs yourself.